A Bit Of Personal History About Me

I was talking with a few of my fellow Super Aquarians today and this subject came up as one of us lost their mother last month.

Aside from wishing condolences, those of us who have had the same experience were writing about our own mothers. This is my remembrance, or more accurately, a tiny fraction of it:

"My Mom passed in 2003 on Feb 11th. I think she purposely  held on a few days so it wouldn't be on my birthday. It was metastatic breast cancer, and it had paralyzed most of her body. I had known for a couple of years that it was coming, as she had both MS & Parkinson's. She donated her body for research because that was so rare. Mom was a Sagittarius, and very wiccan with a touch of new age. She also must've had a lot of Mars in her chart, because she had a wicked temper if you crossed her, and held grudges for life. 1st female journeyman carpenter in the State of Wisconsin, married 4 times and then said enough. She dragged us all over the country as kids, I called it the 4-year itch, because that's how often we moved somewhere else. I wound up going to 5-6 grade schools and 3 high schools before dropping out and joining the Air Force 2 weeks after my 17th birthday to get away from her then boyfriend because he was a redneck. I was doing advanced radar by 18 years old because of that. (ASVAB in 10th grade, pulled a 97 overall)

I spent the last couple of years she was alive visiting her often, and on the phone for hours as I drove for work. I wanted to put time in as much as I could, because I just knew that the issues she had would lead to an early checkout. I've always felt strongly that she had the health issues she did mainly because she used anger like tool on her tool belt, and frequently. However she was also fiercely protective of people she loved. 

I don't talk about it much, and I'm not holding on to a lot of grief or anything, but I've only seen her in my dreams once. I think that's because I keep my life very low-drama, and she's busy having adventures and watching over my two younger siblings who are leading much more complicated lives. That and my older sister has a bit of a health issue, but not life-threatening. I'm pretty self-reliant and all about work, work, work...at least pre-Pluto."