Saturday, November 23, 2019

Happy Birthday, Mom!

It's been nearly 17 years since Mom left the planet. Here are a few photos of her in her younger days. I kind of like the celebratory mood in each, almost as if she were getting ready to go to her birthday party in each picture, and celebrating with her grandchildren in the last one.

Click on any picture to view it full-size.

Mom in the 1950's

Mom, early 1960's

Mom, late 1960's

Mom, early 1990's

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Constellation Orion Shot With Galaxy S10

Orion was the first constellation that I ever learned.

It was in a high school astronomy class. We were taken to the University of Wisconsin in Madison's observatory on a Winter night for a field trip.

The telescope was a fairly large refractor, and its observation target that night was the nebula in Orion. The nebula is between Orion's sword and belt.

This happened in Winter, 1977. It has stuck with me ever since. It made nearly as big an impact on me as watching the Apollo 11 Moon landing in 2nd/3rd grade Summer school.


Sunday, January 6, 2019

Where You Can Find Me On Twitter #3: Instructor Dan (@DanInstructor)

Instructor Dan (@DanInstructor)

I.T. Instructor in Southern California. This *Personal* account is for reaching out to technical support accounts for vendors or other technology SME's.

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Where You Can Find Me On Twitter #2: Dan Stafford (@MidwestGeekCali)

Dan Stafford (@MidwestGeekCali)

Midwestern Geek In Cali - podcast about tech, sci-fi, space news, UFO's, unique geek issues, entrepreneurship, & more. Universe is vast. So are our discussions.

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