Saturday, September 26, 2020

Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, And Two Of Mars

Moon, Saturn, Jupiter

Mars over our house

Zoom in on Mars - it was more red to the naked eye.

Taken this evening over Temecula, CA with a Galaxy S10.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Fascinating Skles Right Now...

 We had a pretty spectacular view last night. Half-moon with Jupiter close by and Saturn a little above and left, all near the Western horizon at about 1:30 above if straight up is 12:00. At about 10:30 and slightly East, Mars was red and very bright. Mars is nearing its closest approach to Earth in their respective orbits.

This is NOT last night's skies, but it IS over Temecula on our Street. I'll try to get some pics tonight & update. - Dan

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Nimoy, Lit By Grace...

Nimoy Arrives...

For some reason I had a recurring daydream about a crystal skull joining my altar.

Being a self-described "shamanic tech geek," I have named him Nimoy.

Yes, he is named for the actor who played Spock first. \\//_

Nimoy is currently charging under the LED Desk lamp in my office. I also plan to give him some sun as well.

Once the photonic charge is completed, Nimoy will join my raven altar and receive periodic sonic charge from Zing, my Tibetan singing bowl, and also from Thrum, my Autumn drum. 

What I like about Nimoy is his unique set of imperfections and inclusions. There are flecks of Mars orange in his crystal, and many uniquue microfractures.

The bwst is the rainbow mandala he presents when lit.


Sunday, September 6, 2020

Shhhh. A Little Present For My Brother...

My brother plays Blues harmonica and guitar.

I recently discovered an outstanding new Blues radio channel ( ) that is loaded with fresh Blues and 99.5% commercial-free.

They are supported by selling their own brand merchandise and donations. I ordered a couple of their awesome tee shirts, and received a few of their guitar picks as a bonus.

That gave me the idea to do this for my bro: