Poetry Sites

Lightverse.com – The site that started me writing in the first place, after my friend Art Paul Schlosser showed it to me. The site has been down for three years due to hosting costs, but the owner – a fellow Poet named Fred S. – has said he wants to get it restored. I had over 1,700 poems posted there. Fred assures me all the poetry was saved. ** Update 2019: Fred has provided me with a copy of the site, however, it's in a format I'm not familiar with and I haven't had time to crack it yet. **

Constellations Gateway on Poetic Constellations at Yuku.com
Poetic Constellations is my absolute favorite poetry forum. The quality of the writing there is wonderful, and it has remained consistently active for many years. The Gateway is PC’s general poetry forum. They also have several themed poetry forums. Give them a try!