Sunday, January 6, 2019

Where You Can Find Me On Twitter #3: Instructor Dan (@DanInstructor)

Instructor Dan (@DanInstructor)

I.T. Instructor in Southern California. This *Personal* account is for reaching out to technical support accounts for vendors or other technology SME's.

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Where You Can Find Me On Twitter #2: Dan Stafford (@MidwestGeekCali)

Dan Stafford (@MidwestGeekCali)

Midwestern Geek In Cali - podcast about tech, sci-fi, space news, UFO's, unique geek issues, entrepreneurship, & more. Universe is vast. So are our discussions.

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Where You Can Find Me On Twitter #1: Dan Stafford (@AquarianM)

Dan Stafford (@AquarianM)

IT Instructor, 4mer senior telecom tech, Wordpress Coach, environmentalist, space guy, poet, tenor sax & guitar player, Progressive in CA - married

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

MWGIC EP-00084: Goodbye 2018 And Happy New Year 2019 - Dan's Geek & Tech Predictions

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Show Notes:

Geek Goodbyes In 2018:

Dan's Geek & Tech Predictions For 2019:

  • Multiple companies will launch Low-Earth-Orbit broadband internet satellites by the end of the year, and SpaceX will lead. It will be the beginning of an internet revolution as big as the change from dial-up to broadband,  resulting in ubiquitous cheap global gigabit internet access within ten years.
  • Mobile 5G technology will begin rolling out in earnest, and by the end of the year large metro markets will have some coverage - and even a few phones that can use it.
  • Cable internet provider companies will be talking about major rate reductions and trying to sugar-coat crappy customer service by the end of the year due to the above two stories. The level of dispicableness they have maintained for so long will see people eagerly awaiting leaving them for satellite and mobile competitors - but the competing networks will need about two additional years to really begin replacing cable internet in earnest.
  • Carte-blanche virtual content marketplaces will begin and start proliferating.
  • Empty big-box store buildings will become data center assets due to available power drops, large flat roofs ideal for solar power and cooling plant, ample room in empty garden centers for emergency generators, pre-existing loading docks, ample parking space for technicians and installers, and massive available floor space, and their location in areas with a low cost-of-living and low-cost real estate. Look to see dead Sears, Kmart, and Walmart stores filling up with co-location cages, servers, routers, fiber optics, and both mobile and satellite internet links.
  • Someone in the Marvel Universe will fry Thanos, grab the Infinity Glove, and restore half the universe's Marvel characters. Probably Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy by a freak accident aided by the Norse God of sheer Dumb Luck.
  • Processor power will begin increasing in earnest again toward the end of the year as stacked 10nm chips are combined with new materials that run cooler than existing silicon come on market.

Happy New Year, and welcome 2019!