Thursday, August 3, 2017

Happy Birthday To My Honey & Temecula Moonring

Having the Inland Empire’s best sandwich for my honey’s birthday; shaved prime rib with jack cheese, ortega chilis, on parmesan-crusted Texas toast with horseradish sauce and French dip. Happy birthday, Baby!!! (At The Gambling Cowboy of Temecula, only on their lunch menu)

In addition to our wonderful lunch date, we ran several fun errands today.

First, we stopped at World Market and got copper mugs and all the fixings for Moscow Mules – the cool new vodka & ginger beer drink.

We also stopped and picked up a green LED bulb at Batteries Plus for our front porch in honor of Veterans. I also picked up one of their sticky pads for holding your cellphone in place in the car so it doesn’t slide around.

Then we went to Hallmark and picked out cards for a couple of our friends.
After that, it was over to DXL to pick up some new work clothes for me so that I have some appropriate to the upcoming holidays.

In every case, Saren had several coupons (Except the light bulbs) and saved us bunches of money. My lovely wife is the Coupon Queen, no joke!

After the errands, we went together and saw the movie Arrival with Amy Adams. *Best science-fiction film I’ve seen in years!* It was hopeful for a change, and one of the core concepts in the film is unique. I haven’t seen it elsewhere before, and I’ve seen and read massive amounts of sci-fi.
As we were watching the film, our friend Jenny invited us to come out and listen to the band at Anthony’s restaurant in Murrieta. I was hungry again by then, and Anthony’s kitchen had closed, so we went over to the – I think – Downtown Public across the street. They have an amazing cubano sandwich with hand-made potato chips, and a lovely iced tea with cinnamon and black currant or clove. I will definitely be back.

Then we went back to Anthony’s to listen to the band. They were really good, and I got several song ideas for my karaoke list from them. Saren & Jenny got out and danced, but my right knee is still healing, so I couldn’t dance. It was a fun night, though, and the music was great!

Then when we came outside, I saw a prelude to the Supermoon on the 14th:

Temecula Moonring, November, 2016

I am now sitting here sipping on a pecan pie soda that we found at World Market today. Life is pretty good!

I gave Saren her birthday card just as we were leaving Anthony’s, as it was a little after midnight and that made it official.

Dan Stafford

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