Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How Daily Kos Lost My Trust After Eleven Years

I saw a couple of VERY anti-Bernie Sanders opinion pieces on the site. Reading them made it fairly clear to me that they were hit pieces on Bernie by supporters of Hillary Clinton. Fair enough. I decided to give them a taste of their own medicine, and wrote this piece on Dail Kos:

What Clinton Campaign Would Never Admit; Trolls Writing Bernie Hit Pieces All Over The Web

The dawn of a renewed America being shot at by corporate hacks…
…including right here on Daily Kos. “Sanders campaign admits it wants to hurt Clinton, even if that means helping Trump”, “Sanders supporters and white entitlement”, and their ilk.

*If telling the truth about Hillary Clinton (As defined by what the Sanders Presidential Campaign puts out in its official campaign messaging, that is historically factual, and NOT just something spouted by a random Bernie supporter.) hurts her Presidential campaign, then she deserves to lose, and has no business anywhere near the Presidency of the United States of America.*

No candidate who can be harmed by the telling of the actual and factual record of their words and actions — especially while in public office — deserves to be in office. It is that simple.
  • We the People have had enough of being run over at every turn by large corporations and the wealthy few who actually control them.
  • We the People have had enough of wars fought to enrich certain corporations who either provide the weaponry that is used in all sides of such conflicts, or who profit off the natural resources brought under their control by those conflicts.
  • We the People have had enough of our national infrastructure needs being ignored so that our military can be used as a tool to enact these types of wars.
  • We the People do not want this planet to become uninhabitable, nor billions of human beings to be displaced by climate change.
  • We the People have had enough of the mass media, now owned by just a few corporations, lying to us either directly or by omission.
  • We the People have had enough of subsidizing large and profitable corporations at the expense of actual human beings.
  • We the People have had enough of trade policy that supports all of the above while attempting to inhibit or negate our rights under our national Constitution.
  • We the People have had enough of the wealthy few funding politicians who enact such policies, and who enact laws meant to create divisions between classes of human beings that are only codified into law for the purpose of dividing our citizenry along lines of race, religion, ancestral nationality, age, sex, or sexual orientation, along with anything else they can dream up.
If Hillary Clinton has supported any of the above, and informing the public of such facts harms her candidacy, then her candidacy deserves to reap what she has sown through her actions.

Attempting to smear the Bernie campaign with racism is a falshood deserves to be at the bottom of the deepest reaches of the ocean along with all the other detritus of the eons.

Attempting to hide the truth by playing the wounded victim card while running for public office deserves to be in the exact same place.

Writing such pieces as described in the first paragraph of this article in an attempt to derail an honest man supports all of the things that are wrong and evil about the current state of affairs in the USA.
Declaring a primary election “won” before all votes are counted and before one campaign has enough elected, pledged delegates to make securing the nomination by the other an actual mathematic fact based solely on math and not just on the writers’ opinions is a subversion of democracy and a violation of the rights of the voters who haven’t yet voted, because it is spreading falsehoods and disinformation.

Such writers should bow their heads in shame and renounce their citizenship to the United States, because they obviously do not believe in the U.S. Constitution, nor in promoting the general welfare of actual human beings who are citizens of the United States of America. Perhaps such writers need to be reminded of the preamble to that amazing document:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States…

To these writers I say: Tell the FACTUAL truth, and let the people VOTE. Or be forever known as online trolls…

Otherwise write about it if you can find an actual LIE that Bernie Sanders has told. Then you might actually have a case. Good luck with that one.

The comments were fast and half supportive, half furious. That is OK. This is the United State of America. I fully expected different opinions and beliefs than those I hold to be expressed.

A few of the opposing camp, or OC as I will call them, also labeled me as a troll, and several labeled me a conspiracy theorist. I was busy working the rest of the day, and it was evening before I got a chance to respond. The following is what I was intending to post:

Point to me where I actually accused the Clinton campaign of doing anything at all. The title simply says they wouldn’t admit it if they did. No conspiracy is actually alleged, so all the references to conspiracy theory are non-factual mis-interpretations of a title. Everything stated in this post is clearly stated in the hypothetical. You might want to re-read it and find a concrete accusation somewhere. Again, good luck with that one.

I have been reading DK for about 15 years, I just don’t post here much. I think my last post was around 2004 after GWB and the Ohio fun with Ken Blackwell.

The two articles I referenced were opinion pieces with intimations of intentional malfeasance on the part of the Bernie Sanders campaign or his supporters, which favor Hillary in exactly the same way many of you have accused me of in these comments. Enjoying a taste of your own medicine much?

It’s about time somebody stuck up for Bernie on this rag. If the site admins ban me for voicing an opinion in support of Bernie, while leaving the other two writers intact to write further opinionated smears of Bernie and his supporters, that will just prove to a great number of people just exactly how “unbiased” a site this is. Their choice.

It was at this point that I discovered that several of the OC comments were correct; Daily Kos had banned me from posting or commenting on the site, even in the thread I had started. There was no recourse to defend myself that was worth my time.
From my perspective, if you post an opinion that defends Bernie – especially to Hillary’s detriment – on the Daily Kos website, you get banned. As far as I am concerned, the site operators or administrators or moderators or whatever they call themselves might as well be in the tank for Hillary, even if it’s not official on some payroll.
In the spirit of giving them a sample of their own snake oil, I do not allow comments on this blog, so they won’t be able to defend their actions on this website. That’s actually because I got way too many spam comments back in the day, but it kind of works out.
In the end, here’s the final result, as far as I’m concerned, and my last mention of that pitiful excuse for a “progressive, democratic” news and – mostly – opinion site:
Regards, and #FeelTheBern,

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