Saturday, August 5, 2017

My New Podbean Podcast Episode One – My Geek Back-Story

Who I am, what I know, some of my geek cred...well, a lot of my geek cred, actually.  

You can listen to this on Podbean, or right here in the Wordpress Audio Player.

I discovered this evening - while waiting for some Windows 10 updates to process on my desktop PC - that Podbean not only supports podcast subscriptions on your mobile phone, but also allows you to create free podcasts of your own right from your smartphone.

I don't know if I'll be doing all my podcasting via this method - in fact, I think it'll be more of just a personal podcast - but it's really cool and easy to do.

Podbean does both free and paid enterprise-level podcast hosting. It also has a wonderful free app for your smartphone, at least on Android in the Google Play Store. I'm guessing it's out there for iOS as well. (iPhones)

I'm loving it!


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