Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Website Migration (Mostly) Completed

All of the posts worth saving have been moved here to Blogger from the hosted WordPress version of this website. pages have as well.

Word Whizzyrds ( pages and files have been saved for later replication. I need to trim all the defunct content from those and improve them. That I'll pick away at.

Both and now point here to this blog.

To be honest, I'm somewhat amazed at how well Super Aquarian duplicated on the Blogger platform. I think the platform is quite underrated.

Super Aquarian actually looks *better* in its desktop version on Blogger.

The mobile version isn't responsive, so it loses a lot of visual content. However, requesting the desktop version in Chrome for Android actually does pretty well. I still wish Google would make a responsive mobile version of their existing Blogger themes, though.

All in all, I think I just saved myself $170.00 plus change per year and am happy with the result.

Quite a bit to think about.


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