Does 5G Plus IPV6 Plus Nanotechnology Equal Net Dust?

5G is the pending "next big thing" in mobile connectivity. The speeds of 5G communications are expected to be incredibly fast. It's expected to be so important that CNET was openly speculating in an article that Trump blocked a possible merger between Broadcomm (Singapore) and Qualcomm (US) before the two companies had actually agreed to a deal. National security concerns were the cited reason.

IP Version 6 was developed because IP Version 4 (currently used) is running out of IP addresses. IPV6 is reputed to have so many IP addresses that you could assign one to every atom on the surface of the Earth and have enough addresses left for another hundred planets.

Nanotech is composed of machines so small that they're measured in number of atoms.

Net dust is my term for nano-scale routers that would allow the entire surface of the Earth to become an IP network.

Imagine there being literally nowhere that had no access to the internet. Simply scatter net dust from planes, drones, and every other vehicle imaginable. The wind would carry it everywhere.

Net dust would be inhaled and ingested constantly by every creature on the planet.