Learning Linux...

So I have finally bit the bullet and starting learning another operating system other than Windows. I have been working in Microsoft operating systems almost exclusively (not counting smartphones) since 1995.

I have an older slim tower PC set up with Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS 64-bit Linux.

It is taking quite a bit of getting used to, but wow, does it boot up fast!

I'm focusing mostly on learning terminal commands right now, but I do have the firewall enabled, and I've been playing a bit with some of the GUI software and applications as well. I have ClamAV with ClamTK installed and working. (Antivirus) So at least I have basic secirity on the device. (** Note: In ClamTK, once you open it, go into the setting at the farthest upper left corner of the GUI window, and un-check the "double click buttons to operate")

I also have it playing music and I have Audacity installed on it as well, so I can record audio. (For podcasting later)

I can't put a lot of time into it, as I'm in school full time to become a Microsoft-certified Systems Administrator by early next year.

However, the first certification in the series is CompTIA A+ and Amazon TestOut PC Pro - and I'm getting hammered on some of the MAC & Linux command questions. Luckily that's about 3-4% of the material, but still, it could make the difference between passing the cert exams and failing.

So, wish me luck, but Ubuntu is on my extra box. I'm also posting this blog from it tonight.