Thoughts On The Impending Pluto Station October 11th 2023 - Followed By The 20-Year Transit Of Pluto In Aquarius

Source: NASA / JHUAPL / SwRI
Pluto is just beginning its transit through Aquarius, which will last for 20 years.

The "dwarf planet" of astronomy has lost none of its potency in the lore of astrology.

Already Pluto has dipped a toe in Aquarian waters before slowing, then stationing, and then doing the Moonwalk back into Capricorn.

That Moonwalk is slowing down, and on October 11th, 2023, Pluto will "station" direct, and start moving forward again, taking until January of 2024 to re-walk forward into Aquarius, where it will transit over twenty years

Given that I have six planets in Aquarius in my natal chart, neither I nor my fellow Super Aquarian tribe are looking forward to this tank-roll of the ruler of Hades over each planet in our stellium, one-by-one over the next two decades.

As you can see here, I have a couple of natal planets in the 5th house of passions, love, and pleasure, and four more in the 6th house of health, routines, work, and service. This includes Jupiter conjunct the Sun.

Already when Pluto dipped a toe in Aquarius, I saw a slight shift in outward appearance, and a dramatic shift in my career. For work, I now wear mostly black shirts or dark navy blue ones, and often a black baseball cap due to working in the high desert of Southern California.

The High Desert is extremely sunny during the day, and extremely dark at night. In places it looks like Moonscape, and there are (hopefully) extinct volcanoes all over the territory I cover.

The area is full of creatures like spiders, scorpions, snakes, coyotes, crows, and ravens. I don't think I could find a much more Plutonian landscape in Southern California if I tried, but this is a transit of Aquarius we're talking about. Expect the unexpected!!

On the day of the station direct, I have a medical appointment. Usually, the two stations of a planetary retrograde - points where the planet appears to stop moving in our skies before changing apparent directions due to visual perspective from Earth's orbit as compared to the other planet's orbit - are extremely potent points for the retrograde, where its energies tend to have a lot of "punch."

I can think of one Mercury (ruler of communications) retrograde circa 2004 where the whole Southern portion of the State of Michigan went down on the telecommunications network I work for on the night of the station beginning the retrograde. This happened because someone on a cleaning crew misunderstood (Mercury rules thought and knowledge) what a certain button did in a very important building, for example. This is classic Mercury stationing retrograde, on two levels.

I'm hoping that with Pluto being a rather subconscious, or "soul" planet, the changes and effects of the station are internal rather than physically external. 

The last Pluto transit of Aquarius was around the time of the USA's revolution for independence from Britain in the late 1770's, so we can see the very large societal impacts that brought us the first democratic governments in millennia. What we do not have good records of are the personal effects on individuals of the era. Possibly some famous individuals had events in their lives recorded, but there wasn't really an equivalent to social media in the day, and what there was is likely lost to time at the granular level I'm referring to.

One of the other effects I'm feeling at the moment is a call to gather in a deeper, more meticulous understanding of astrology. I'm using an "immersion" tactic, by listening to audiobooks on the topic on those long, long drives through my personal earthly representation of hades on Earth. 

Mythologically, traveling through Hades is often its own sort of hero's journey. There are many characters who travel through Hades and return to Earth deeply transformed. I feel like the driving I'm doing through the high desert has already been transformative on multiple levels, and the fun is just beginning. 

Strangely enough, the high desert has its own stark, ethereal form of beauty. I actually find that I love it to some degree, thought not always why I am traversing it. We're talking long, long drives here. My Google timeline showed that I drove over 5,800 miles in August alone. Maybe 250 of those miles were for personal reasons on the weekends.

One always finds amazing "dead things" in the desert, from ghost towns and ghost cars, to toy dinosaurs and "semi-dead" historic highways like old Route 66. 

I'll leave these musings with a few pictures I took along the 50,000 miles plus I have traveled in this Plutonian landscape, and the last one is what I hope this isn't, unless we get a better one in return.

Desert Super Moon

Lightning Over Amboy - tropical storm Hilary

Desert Storm Sunset - tropical storm Hilary

Amboy Volcanic Crater

Panoramic vista along old Route 66 as seen from Kelbaker Road

The End Of The World art installation - Wonder Valley

I wish us all good luck on our impending journeys.

Oh, yes. My wife has taken to calling me the Fiber Cowboy because of the work I do up in the desert; Long-distance fiber optic communications maintenance.


Dan in the Desert

All above pictures (EXCEPT Pluto) are credit to Daniel A. Stafford (C) 2023, all rights reserved.

The Fiber Cowboy - generated by DALL-E 2 AI on my prompt
(A whole 'nother "Pluto in Aquarius thang)