Bearing Water For Pluto...

Bearing Water For Pluto...

As October steamrolls Psyche in a flush of rouge leaves dabbling with wind and moving air,
Stars and planets circle our underminds,
A dance of quantum symbology and metaphor.

Ravens whisper drumbeats in Aquarius's inner ear,
Waters slosh within the urn we carry,
Full of the knowledge of Plutonian dreams as we dance with Pluto at the doorway,
Prescient of two decades coming sojourn,
What waters will we drink and pour,
After the Hadean trail is traipsed?

I doubt the relief of Styxian waters,
For we are bound to the dock of the Ferryman,
Living a clockwork journey we were born into.

I wonder, 
Wonder at Persephone's bravery,
Will we break bread with her?

Soon enough we must leave the dock,
Who knows,
Who knows,
The cost,
The coins,
The epic journey to come?


By: Daniel A. Stafford 
© 10/08/2023


Mentally trying to prepare for 20 years of Pluto transiting Aquarius ♒.

DALL-E prompt:

 "Hades walking up out of a cave door to the underworld under an annular eclipse as a shaman with a raven perched on his shoulder beats a drum next to a campfire and the high Priestess of tarot in purple robes floats in the sky over the cave door and autumn leaves are falling in watercolor"