The State Of Astrology Software For Linux...

 ...currently stinks.

The only program I can get running on Ubuntu right now is Maitreya, which is very heavily focused on Vedic astrology. 

I have not so far been able to get Maitreya to calculate an accurate natal chart for myself using the Western function.

I've pretty much given up on doing astrology on my local machine with Linux right now, which is a shame.

All the other software listed on the page linked above is either so old it's no longer being developed, or requires advanced skills in several areas of Linux to maybe, MAYBE, get working.

As far as detailed installation instructions that are step-by-step, good luck.

I'd probably need days of searching YouTube to maybe even find a video of someone installing one of these.

Obviously, if I'm ever going to do astrology on Linux, I'm going to have to use a web-based chart calculator. That leaves me with concerns about inputting sensitive data like birthdate info into a 3rd-party website.

Not going to happen anytime soon.