What I see in a Christmas (Yule) tree:


What I see in a Christmas (Yule) tree:

What I see in a Christmas (Yule) tree:

Star at top of tree: Polaris, the "North Star"

Tree: Yggdrasil, the "world tree" that represents the three worlds of shamanism, lower (roots), middle (spiritual analog to Earth), and upper (where archetypal and other "advanced" spirits live)

Garland on the tree: the path around and through the three worlds

Lights, ornaments, etc on the tree: the "spirits" living in the three worlds. In shamanistic tradition, everything is alive and has a spirit. Also all the stars in the heavens circling the pole star.

Presents at the foot of the tree: gifts from our ancestors, including spiritual wisdom, physical traits, and their time with us. Our ancestors' spirits reside in the underworld/lower world.

Northern tradition / Norse shamanic meditation guide for the Winter months when we turn inward.

AquarianM - Dan Stafford

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