I Need More Coffee To Deal With This Day!

It's driving me a little crazy today!

It seems like everything is turning into little frustrations everywhere I go. 

The first two restaurants I tried were both closed unexpectedly. One was due to family emergencies, the other was a weird lunch hour between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m.

Not to mention I have a ton of stuff going on, which I have to cram all into Saturday, and I'm a little scattered trying to keep up because my head is going 90 miles a minute. 

I also had to rebuild 3/4 of a website that I support for a volunteer organization, which will remain unnamed, that wants to force us into a specific website platform that is a real clunker. I was only planning on spending an hour on that and it turned into two and a half hours. And that is the way technology always is.

Some days I really wish I was 67 years old... I think I have to be that old to finally get my freedom back. As in full social security age, where I can start getting some of that money back that I've been paying in for 50 plus years!

Meanwhile back to the coffee... And further technical frustrations which will remain unmentioned because of the type of site that they are on which is not a site about unmentionables but which is an unmentionable site. Ugh.