Memoir Project - In Place Of The Pen-Pals Project I'd Hoped To Do.

Pen Pals On Paper Logo .jpg


I've been writing a journal entry each day by hand in cursive. I blog the journal entry each day at two of my writing blogs, Pen Pals On Paper, and *Spell Book*

*Spell Book* is my general writing and poetry blog, and actually is the first blog I ever started, I think around 2004.

Pen Pals On Paper was intended to be a collaborative project to write a fictional book of Pen Pal letters with other writers who would be co-authors on the project. I drew on writers from several poetry boards I used to write at, but the other writers all faded out on the project after awhile. That makes me sad, because the Pen Pals trend was something really special back in the day.

In any case, I'm journaling current and past memories together at both blogs now, at a rate of one page per day. Basically the happenings of the day, and one memory from my earlier life. I plan to make this a life-long habit, so I hope my Google storage can handle it. In the end, it should make for a rather unique form of autobiographical memoir.

Astrology-wise, I have Virgo rising, and Mercury is my chart ruler, so this shouldn't surprise anyone.

Oh, and I should note, that "cursive ribbon" font in the Pen Pals On Paper header photo is something I made up in grade school. I actually turned it into a font you can install on a Windows PC. The TTF version can be downloaded and installed from HERE. If you read this far, you're welcome to use it free of charge for any use in perpetuity completely free of charge. Note - it's not like writing it by hand, but it's still cool.

Until next time, and thank you for reading.