Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Star Trek Beyond Movie Review…

I totally loved it. As my wife said, “They got their interpersonal banter back.” To be honest, I think that the new crew has stepped it up to top-notch specifically because this movie not only pay homage to the original cast and crew, but it also memorializes BOTH Leonard Nimoy and Antonin Yelchin, both of whom have worked with this crew in real life. This is not lost on anyone, not Trekkers, Trekkies, or those who made this film. The film has a great plot with a cool twist at the end. Additionally, they were able to recapture the innate sense of goodness, hope, campy humor, and serious social discussion that were a part of the original series, STNG, and the original movies. I haven’t loved a Star Trek movie quite this much since they pulled whales out of time and took them into space before putting them back where they belong. 10/10

Oh, the poster? I won a tee shirt in a pre-screening trivia contest by correctly answering “Iowa” to the question “In which State was Captain James Tiberius Kirk born?” Me being me, and the tee shirt being only an XL, not a 2XLT, I traded it for one of the very-limited-edition Carmike Cinemas promo posters tossed into the crowd and caught by a young lady two rows down from us. Of course my lovely wife helped with the negotiations, and everyone went home both happy and thrilled.

Dan Stafford

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